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Includia creates spaces and tools that facilitate
the inclusiveness of all people, creating
experiences where there were difficulties before,
creating spaces where people can discover
and experiment

Virtual Library

It is a real virtual library in which you can find the published books and processed by Cermi but accessible in from a PC or tablet, but also from a virtual helmet in a totally three-dimensional. The books can be consulted in accessible mode with the possibility to have accessibility tools for visually impaired or dyslexic as well as documents in Simplified reading to make the experience more inclusive.

Accessible Metaverse

It is the construction of a Interactive three-dimensional world can be explored via an avatar with the which one can enter a room and interact with the environment itself, but also talking to others avatars so you can exchange experiences. In this room users can walk around and get information about Cermi in general, watch exhibitions and events held in the physical space of the institution and then through a three-dimensional door they can access the virtual library where they can consult the books, inside the Virtua-teca.

Multipurpose Demo

This virtual environment shows the potential tools and characteristics of our metaverse. It is a general purpose room where users can interact with several 3D object, but also with video, images and sound effects. It is also possible to seamlessy pass from a 3D designed environment to a 360 panorama remaining in the same experience.