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About Includia

Includia is a company that specializes in promoting
inclusion and accessibility through the use of
immersive technologies such as virtual reality and
augmented reality. We strive to make these technologies
accessible to people of all abilities and backgrounds
and to create virtual environments that are inclusive
and culturally sensitive. We work with businesses,
organizations, and individuals to develop inclusive
virtual experiences, products, and spaces.


Starting with our team and continuing with
our customers, people are always the center.
Inclusion, integration, equal opportunities,
responsibility and social commitment are the
values we believe in, aiming for innovation,
working for a technological and social



Equal opportunities


Social commitment


Aiming at the elimination of all forms of discrimination.
Pushing towards the change of the cultural and social
system to favor the active and complete participation
of all individuals. Aiming at the construction of inclusive
contexts capable of enhancing everyone’s differences, eliminating
all forms of barriers. Promote inclusion issues through the
organization of events, meetings, debates, exhibitions by
integrating these experiences with our know-how in technologies

Our team


Marta Luesma Meseguer


Enzo Francesca


Manuel Montini


Davide Masera


Sabrina Facchetti